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9lotto ( Nine Lotto ) on Vworld Now

Good news to all lottery players here! vworld is launching new lottery games to the market lately which is 9lotto ( 9 lotto or nine lotto ) games. 9lotto is now available on vworld e-wallet app now. You can now :

  • Buy 9lotto 4d, 5d and 6d games on vworld

  • Check 9lotto 4d, 5d and 6d result on vword

  • Withdraw your 9lotto winning or jackpot on vworld.

Stand a chances to win RM99,999 daily with new 9lotto 6+1D lotto games

9Lotto 现已正式上线V-World🔥


✅凡购买满RM5 9Lotto(一日)彩票就由系统随机赠送1组6+1D彩票‼

✅ 购买超过RM10将获得两组6+1D彩票以此类推🥳

9Lotto is now available on V-World🔥

✅ Daily Winning up to RM99,999.00 is waiting for you🤩

✅ You will get a free 6+1D number when you spend a total RM 5 to buy Nine Lotto numbers in one receipt‼ If you spend RM10, you'll receive two sets of 6+1D numbers, and so on🥳


What are you waiting for? Register vworld to win away RM99,999 everyday !



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