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Vworld V Jackpot Event

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Vworld Official would like to announce for exciting Vworld VJackpot Event .

Each V Jackpot event lasts for one week, and the time is subject to the event announcement.

During the event, as long as the effective turnover reaches 300, you can get a lottery ticket. Valid turnover is total betting turnover in any games of platform (excluding 4D betting).

At the end of the event, rewards will be redeemed based on the winning numbers of Haolong 6+1D on that day (every Sunday).

The raffle ticket contains 6 numbers and a special number.


Ultimate prize pool: 6 numbers and special numbers are all won, with a prize of 188,888

First prize: Win all 6 numbers, with a prize of Honda City 1.5L V

Second prize: 5 numbers before and after hit, 3333

Third Prize: 4 numbers before and after hitting,88

Fourth prize: 3 numbers before and after hitting, 18

PGS [HappyFishing] and WM[Fishing King - Sea Beasts],Game type [Run light] games are not included in V-Jackpot valid turnover.

A set of number will win ONE Prize only, which is the highest prize.

Vworld Awards

Ultimate Pot: 188,888

Need all 7 numbers in the middle

  • First Prize: Honda City 1.5L V

All 6 numbers

  • Second prize: 3333

5 numbers before and after the middle

  • Third prize: 88

4 numbers before and after the middle

  • Fourth prize: 18

3 numbers before and after the middle


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