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Claim Daily Reward With Vworld

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Vworld International is exciting to inform all our Vworld players from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei that new event from vworld company here for month for Nov-2021.

For all vworld online players that like to play fishing games here, come to play your fishing games to claim daily your reward With Vworld.

Huge reward and bonus is awaiting you the event is valid until 30-Nov-2021.

If you are not yet sign up for the event , you can click here to sign up for a free vworld account and check the details.

Fishing games also one of the most often played games on Vworld online casino among Singapore & Malaysia online casino players , as the name applied , you're given the task of "ruling" the sea ocean. Alright , now to give more information to you on Vworld fishing games, while you are surfing into the ocean, you have to get ready and shoot as many creatures as possible. The more creatures you put down, the more your winnings.

Certain creatures, however, are bigger than others; they yield greater rewards. It has been around for a long time, the Ocean King. New features have been added throughout the years. The gameplay has improved and has a smoother design.

Below is the screen shoot of Vworld fishing games, with 4K HD display , high resolution games and fish character will ensure you have maximum fun to win our Vworld games and claim Vworld daily reward later.

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